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    Dr. Brian Hymowitz is your chiropractor of choice when it comes to repairing damaged muscle nerves and your skelital system. With over 20 years experiance and multiple sucsess stories Floral-Vale-Chiropractic of yardley is the best choice.

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    Dr. Brian has the compassion, patience, experiance, & sucsess stories required to bring you back to where you can & need to be physically.You wont find a better chiropractor in the bucks county area. (READ THE REVIEWS)

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    Let his patients speak on his behalf. Please read his reviews & you will see that his customers all seem to agree. After your time at Floral Vale you will be the next customer wanting to (Whale?)leave a great review about Dr Brian.

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Floral-Vale-Chiropractic and Doctor Brian Hymowitz have been servicing the Lower Bucks Pennsylvania area for over 15 years. Powered by compassion experience and personality, we are the best choice to bring your body back to life. Check out some of our reviews on RATEMD.com or Google if you haven't already made your appointment yet. Your aching body with thank you.

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If you asked me how I felt before I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Brian I would tell you I felt hopeless and Headed for surgery. I Had the date to get my back cut open & all. By chance I ran into one of Doctor Bri's current patients who happened to notice how I was humped over walking with a cane. Asked me what was wrong and had mentioned how he used to walk like me. He told me he was lucky enough to meet Dr. Bri. I decided to take his word for it and try this Doctor out simply on the fact; to me anything was worth trying over the risks of back surgery or a life of pain medications. It's been over a year now & after about the 4 month mark I was near full force again. I am still in disbelief that he took me from having 2 herniated disk, Degenerative disks & arthritis in my back to feeling 21 & pain free again without any medications. This man is a HERO to me and my family. I wouldn't be working or living without his help. I give 11 out of 10 stars & three cheers for Doctor Brian. –Bryan R - Croydon, PA

Where to start. Dr.Brian is the best doctor I have ever been to. I have been to numerous Chiropractors and they have completely ruined my back and my view on chiropractors, until my friend told me about Dr. Brian. I am a young person and i have a horrible back injury. I have had surgery and every treatment possible and since i met Dr. Brian I am 90% better. I would not go to ANY other chiropractor ever again...–Mark J - Philadelphia, PA

Some chiropractor's offices feel like a meat market. The more bodies adjusted, the more $$$ the doc can pocket. NOT SO WITH DR. BRIAN. He actually takes time to talk to you before your adjustment. He is quite clear in his instructions/plans for your care, prognosis and pain management. He is not afraid to care for his patients and is genuinely happy for his patients the better they feel. All billing is discussed up front and there are no hidden or undisclosed charges. Go see Dr. Brian Hymowitz!!! –Elana L - Langhorn, PA

Dr. Brian is a class act and provides professional, dependable service to all of his patients. With his bedside manor he makes you feel like you are his only patient and you mean everything to him. Your health is his number one concern while getting to learn more about you with each visit, building a bond of trust. He has been providing my family with quality chiropractic care for three years now. I have seen other chiropractors In the past, he is hands down the best in his field. –Marla K - Langhorn, PA