Physical Therapy

If you have chronically tight areas on your body or tendon injuries such as tennis elbow, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, or IASTM, is likely an important part of the solution to your pain.  IASTM encompasses a series of techniques that involves use of a hand-held metal instrument that the doctor uses to treat to an area of soft tissue with the goal of relieving fascial restrictions and adhesions. It is especially useful for injuries to tendons and regions of your body that may have become fibrotic due to scar tissue. Dr. Hymowitz uses this technique to treat chronic injuries and sections of the body that have been injured, or which have become tight and fibrotic with either small or large amounts of scar tissue. As a person’s body tries to repair following an injury (which could involve either a traumatic accident or constant microtrauma caused by everyday activities) collagen can be laid down in a disorganized manner forming scar tissue that restricts movement. IASTM increases the pliability of scar tissue and increases blood flow to treated areas to mediate healing and often dramatically improve range of motion and function. Dr. Hymowitz effectively uses Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, along with Active Release Technique® and chiropractic adjustments, to comprehensively treat injuries and restore optimal function.