Therapeutic Exercises

As part of chiropractic treatment plans, Dr. Brian Hymowitz often teaches and recommends a specific, short set of exercises that will complement other procedures in your treatment plan and improve your outcome. Properly prescribed therapeutic exercise plays an important role in the rehabilitation process.

One important aspect of recovery is maintaining core strength. Correct positioning of the low back and pelvis and activation of deep core musculature is essential to the rehabilitation process.  If you sit at a desk for work or spend long hours sitting at home, it is likely that your intrinsic core musculature is not firing properly.  People involved in fitness programs often have sufficient strength of their more superficial paraspinal muscles or rectus abdominus ("6-pack ab muscles"), but the deep stabilizer muscles of their core, such as the transversus abdominus and multifidus, are not recruited properly by their bodies. Activating and strengthening these muscles, along with adjusting of the spine and appropriately applied soft tissue therapy, will make a difference for you whether you suffer from chronic, ongoing pain or are recovering from an acute injury.

Whether prescribing therapeutic exercises or a flexibility program that may include self-myofascial release or static stretching, Dr. Brian Hymowitz aims to keep things simple but effective such that you are easily able to perform necessary movements at home or your fitness facility.  When prescribing exercise or stretching, Dr. Hymowitz will work with you so you learn the correct positioning and important nuances to feel confident doing them on your own any time you choose.