Fight Colds with Chiropractic


For many, the winter season means cold season. Winter colds are often blamed on germ exposure during holiday travel at the airport, or more time spent inside. However, the cold virus is out there all year long. But the stress of the holidays (and the catch-up after!) leave you more susceptible due to lack of sleep, which leaves your immune system unable to function properly because of stress. 

The stress we are referring to isn't stress from trying to balance work life, home, and fun. We mean the stress of being subluxated, or spinal misalignment. The ability of your body to defend itself is essential to avoiding a cold. So, how do you prepare your immune system to do just that?


Restorative sleep is imperative for your immune system to function properly. To decrease your risk of getting sick, make sure you are getting the proper amount of rest each night.


Nutritious food helps keep your immune system strong, so boost it with more vegetables and fruits and less sugary foods. Vitamin and antioxidant rich foods are what better prepares the body to fight off illness. 


Staying hydrated has many benefits, and one of them is helping your body flush out toxins. Make a goal to drink half an ounce of water per pound you weigh each day.


Remaining sedentary is no way to strengthen your immune system. Leading an active lifestyle will give it a boost, keeping you healthier overall. 


Regular chiropractic adjustments ensure that your nervous system is functioning at its best. These adjustments help to remove nervous system interference, so that all of your body's systems can communicate as they should.

For most of us, catching a cold is matter how well we take care of ourselves. But, the healthier you are, the faster your body will fight off the cold. Coming in for regular chiropractic adjustments will keep you at your healthiest. Keep in mind that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. When we get a cut, it heals. When we get a cold, it eventually goes away. Chiropractic care is here to help your body do what it was designed to do, so call us today to keep this season cold-free.